Worx+ Universal Resins

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The Universal Resin Range - this resin does it all, that's why it's called Universal!

This range of multi-segemented, semi-flexible, high surface area dray resin pads have been designed to deliver speed, color, and calrity. High refinement, low resin transfer, making this suited for low/high grit finishes on flat and wavy surfaces.

  • Universal Resin has more segments than the rigid Specialty and less than a super flexible Flex resin
  • Universals are slightly thicker and made with a harder resin bond, meaning it can handle rougher surfaces than a Flex and in some cases thin layers of densifier, but will move with the floor more than a Specialty, allowing you to move faster while keeping heat low
  • Provides great clarity, gloss readings, and scratch removal
  • High refinement, low resin transfer
  • 6mm thickness with a high pad surface area
  • Should be used dry