Worx+ Flex 3 Resins

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Ultimate, unmatched gloss levels guaranteed. The Worx+ Flex 3s are an outstanding resin bond tool range designed to deliver high impact productivity and "WOW."

  • Excellent for use on surface polishes or burnish finished polished concrete floors
  • Most commonly used on sufficiently tight, densified concrete and in polishing stages
  • Multiple segments disperse heat, allowing for faster polishing
  • Foam backer provides increased flexibility, allowing faster polishing and increased longevity on power trowled floors
  • Should be used dry; lower clearance channels don't allow for densifer or liquid flow (if you're looking for resins to use with wet densifier, see Specialty Resins)
  • Optimal shine, scratch elimination, and longevity of tooling assured
  • Recommended to run 15 under a machine; this allows extended life, better heat dispersion, and optimal gloss levels