Worx+ Totally Defend Water Based (TDIWE)

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As part of the Formula Worx range of floor treatment products, TDIWE is a high preformance, proprietary blend impregnating water based sealer specifically designed for use on all natural and engineered stone/masonry surfaces, including concrete where sustainability and ease of use is a priority. Available in 20L.

  • Eco friendly option for sustainability focused products
  • Outstanding application ease due to low surface residue and quick dry times
  • Enhances the natural properties of natural stone, terrazzo, masonry, and concrete surfaces
  • Improves stain, acid, oil, fat, and water resistance
  • Increases the longevity of concrete and stone floors
  • Non sticky/tacky application
  • High UV resistance
  • Low odor for sensitive installation environments
  • Food grade safe once cured
  • Non-topical
  • Non-yellowing
  • Reduces slip co-efficient of treated floor