Worx+ Totally Repair (TRPRT)

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TRPRT- Totally Repair Patching Compound Resin Transparent (1L) is a high performance, rapid curing, two component, transparent concrete and masonry patching compound. Formulated to fill holes, chips, cracks, and joints in concrete and masonry surfaces. Its low viscosity makes it excellent for pouring. It can also be combined with sand, aggregates, and colors to match existing materials. Direct bonding properties means no priming is required prior to installation. Suitable for (but not limited to) concrete, bricks, masonry, and blockwork. Tints available in white and black.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast setting (20-40 minutes)

  • High strength

  • Polishable

  • Heat resistant

  • Transparent (but can be colored)

  • Can be bulked out with aggregate for filling larger holes

  • Low viscosity

  • Knife grade

Application Instructions

1. Surface must be clean and free of loose material prior to application.

2. Apply to surfaces by either pouring, using a trowel, spatula, scraper, or similar.

3. Product will be ready to grind after 20-60 minutes.

4. Hardening can be further accelerated by the addition of heat from an external source. Likewise, colder conditions will slow the rate of hardening.


Add 1-4g of hardening paste to every 100g of TRPRT. Mix both components thoroughly. Depending on the ratio, pot life is typically between 3-15 minutes. Ratios above 4% will reduce bonding strength and will leave tacky surface to solidified product.

Product will harden with a yellow tinge if mixed neat.