Worx+ Tempo XD

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The Worx+ Tempo XD pads are the next generation of diamond coated buffing pads. They're designed for ultra performance under the pressure, RPM, and torque of heavy industrial floor grinding and polishing machines (specifically Husqvarna PG 680 or 820 machines that have received the Big Block Upgrade). The Tempo XD comes with exclusive Worx+ resin diamond formulation, delivering the most accurate gloss correlation available in diamond coated buffing pads.


  • Extra density buffing pad provides exceptional longevity compared to traditional diamond coated buffing pads.

  • Highly resilient diamond polishing layer ensures diamond performance matches the duration of the buffing pad.

  • Extremely high production rates made possible by XD pads being able to withstand the pressure, torque & RPM previously unavailable in a diamond impregnated pad.

  • Extremely consistent gloss levels.