Worx+ E-Sprayer

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The Worx+ E-Spayer Pump out more floor treatment square footage with consistency and ease of use with the Worx+ battery powered, airless E-Sprayer.


  • Water based liquids
  • Concrete sealers, densifiers, and grouts

Safety Measures:

  • Respriatory protection where necessary
  • Eye protection where necessary
  • Skin protection where necessary
  • Lifting with assistance


  • 8 gallon, 60 lb sprayer with trolley cart and spare battery
  • 30 ft extension hose
  • 0.7 gal/minute with fine spray (up to 1 gal/minute without sprayer nozzle)
  • 18V Lithium Ion battery
  • 2.2 amp hour
  • Battery recharge time approximately 1.5 hours