Worx+ Spec 7

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Delivering the ultimate balance of speed and strength, the Spec 7 is a rigid, uniquely developed resin bonded 7” polishing pad with outstanding rapid scratch refinement and integrated consistent grinding technology (CGT) for handheld applications.

Abrasive segments positioned around the outer edge of the pad ensure working pressure is applied to the areas of the pad that yield maximum results. This combination of maximum production speed at lower grit levels and minimal tool flexibility deliver the contractor exceptional surface flatness and polished outcomes.



• Specialized resin bonded compound increases product performance and efficiency outcomes.

• Segment geometry and positioning maximizes surface profile, refinement, and flatness.

• Unique integrated consistent grinding technology (CGT).

• Fiber backing for additional strength and tool rigidity.

• Mechanical (not Velcro) attachment promoting an excellent balance of smooth operation and stability at higher RPM ranges.

• Open spacing between resin segments minimizing tool blocking or clogging on moist materials.

• Extensively field tested and performance validated.