Worx+ Longopac Style Dust Bags

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Worx+ Longopac Dust Bags - Box of 4x Longopack System Dust Bags, includes Zip Ties

the Worx+ Longopac dust bags are designed to enhance dust removal efficiency while maintaining a closed system within the dust extractor, ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment. Each box contains 4 rolls of Longopac system dust bags, measuring 23 meters or 75 feet each, and includes zip ties for easy installation.


Thicker & More Durable: Thicker than standard longopacs on the market. Less punctures, blow outs and breaks makes for a cleaner and healthier jobsite.

Efficient Dust Removal: Longopac bags are engineered to optimize dust collection, providing a more effective solution for dust management during various applications.

Closed System: The Longopac system helps keep the dust extractor enclosed, preventing dust particles from escaping into the surrounding environment, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy workplace.

Compatibility: Longopac brand dust bags are compatible with a wide range of vacuums from various manufacturers. They are specifically designed to fit Husqvarna S-Line Series Vacuums, including models such as the Husqvarna S26 and Husqvarna S36, as well as all Husqvarna T-Line Vacuums. Additionally, they are compatible with vacuums from other brands such as Duratiq, Blastrac, National DL Series, Forte F Series, and Dashclean G Line.

Convenient Packaging: Each package includes 4 Longopac dust bags, providing ample supply for continuous use. The inclusion of zip ties ensures secure attachment to the dust extractor for hassle-free operation.


Experience improved dust containment and removal efficiency with Longopac Dust Bags, designed to meet the demands of professional dust management systems across various industries.