Airworx SCS

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Airworx SCS - Single Chamber Separator

Increase production capacity by up to 25% with the new AIRWORX- SCS. A single chamber separator designed to keep grinding machinery and vacuums running while changing bags.

The AIRWORX-SCS utilises highly efficient cyclonic technology, where up to 90% of heavy and coarse dust captured from beneath the floor grinder is separated before it reaches the vacuum unit. This helps keep filters cleaner for longer, and in turn increases vacuum suction capacity, lowers maintenance requirements, facilitates longer vacuum operation times, and enhances productivity.

Equipped with a unique bypass valve system, the AIRWORX – SCS facilitates continuous air flow through the separator to the vacuum unit, enabling dust bag changes without the need to turn off the vacuum system. Enhancing efficiency and boosting operator productivity.

• Height adjustable unit for compact transportation
• Industrial strength construction
• Large pneumatic wheels for easy transportation
• Available in either continuous bag or standard dust bag configurations
• Ideal for radio–controlled grinders